Delivery and returns

Orders placed in our web store will be managed by Posti and DHL.
If you choose standard shipping, services will be provided by the Finnish Posti. Orders placed with Express shipping will be delivered by DHL.

Orders will usually be ready to ship the within 1-5 businessdays. Delivery times may vary, based on the carrier and pick-up times.

Orders over 79 € across Finland include free shipping.

Delays may occur during the holiday season.

 Posti logo

Prices Posti (incl. VAT)

Country or region

1 kg parcel


6,31 €

Sweden, Denmark, Germany

19,27 €


23,72 € (+ Customs fee in the UK)

The rest of Europe, Russia, USA/Canada

26,67 € + Customs fee

The rest of the world

29,64 € + Customs fee


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Prices DHL (incl. VAT)

NOTE! DHL Express shipments to and from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are temporarily suspended.

Country or region

1 kg parcel


11,71 €


27,24 €


34,31 € + Customs fee


34,31 € + Customs fee

The rest of Europe

28,14 € - 34,31 € + Customs fee


36,98 € + Customs fee


49,40 € + Customs fee

Rest of the world

35,22 € - 68,89 € + Customs fee

Note: Shipping costs do not include local delivery fees or taxes. Please check with your local customs officials.


How to return an item

You can return an order, or part of an order, with the return form that can be found in the same parcel.

Return and exchange items are handled within 14 business days from the time we have received your return parcel. Refunds will be transferred back to you bank account. For the latest updates on your refund, please check your bank account directly.


Missing or wrong item

If you are missing items or have received wrong items, please contact our customer service immediately and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Return policy

All online orders have a 14-day return policy. We can only accept returns if they are returned in the exact same condition as they we sent, i.e. all original tags and labels are intact.

Please remember to fill out the form for return products and add it inside the return parcel. Please keep the original receipt until you have received all your money back/product exchange.

In the link below, you can find the return form that can be used if needed for returns/exchanges:

Download the returnform here

You can also write the information by hand on a paper, if you don’t have access to a printer.


If you have more question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at